This opens up exciting opportunities for us to further expand our business because we are one of the largest digital hubs for Gen Z and Millennials in Europe. Virgil Abloh was appointed Artistic Director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton in March 2018, setting a new precedent as the first Black creative director at the helm of the prestigious fashion house. Gen Z and Gen Alpha represent the fastest growing customer segments for us, also in the designer area. Through sorting orders, brands can specify which fabrics they are looking for.

Vaillant offers two main collections a year and launched two capsules in 2022. As the world started to shift, and malls closed, social media became the predominant way for brands to connect directly with their audiences, but Victoria's Secret wasn't changing and became out-of-touch. As always, Francq explained her Yeezy Shoes story using four sociological trends that are leading today. Only a few steps away, the outline of a map of Germany shows the locations of the textile sorting centres from which the label obtains its raw materials.

Many upcycling labels also source their materials from the textile port. For the holiday, Gucci unveiled a campaign and collection that both celebrates the new year and the arrival of spring, through a capsule that fully incorporates the rabbit. They remained popular right up to the late 1870s. Aside from being one of the must-haves of contemporary urban fashion, sneakers also represent a means of carrying a message into the world - at every step - becoming true amplifiers of values as well as lifestyles.